Aviso de privacidad

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of certain information (“Personal Information”) gathered by the users (jointly and indistinctly referred to as “User or You”) of the internet domain. The purpose of these privacy policies is to inform you about the way in which the owner/operator of the internet domain (indistinctly referred to as the “Operator of the Site” or “We”) gathers your data and the use that we give this information on the course of conducting our businesses. Therefore we confirm that We gather two types of Personal Information from the Users: information that the Users provide as an option through their voluntary registration within our sites; and information that the Operator of the Site gathers through the tracking and conciliation of webpages viewed through our web sites. Such information allows us to adjust the content of the site in order to satisfy the needs of the Users and also allows our advertisers to understand the needs of our audience. The Operator of the Site does not reveal Personal Information that was provided or collected to a third party without the User´s authorization, except for those cases that are established in this Privacy Policy. We invite you to read the regulations described below in order to understand the usage of the information provided.

Type of information

Information may be gathered in different forms and from different areas within the internet site. All the personal information entered voluntarily by the User. The information requested will allow us to contact the User when necessary. The Users may be contacted through a phone call or via e-mail in case additional information is required in order to complete a service. We will use personal information about you to servicing your account, including:
• To deliver relevant website content and advertisements to you and measure or understand the effectiveness of the advertising we serve to you
• To enable you to take part in our competitions
• For the purpose of completing travel bookings (this includes sharing your booking information with other parties to fulfil your booking only).
• to advise you of any changes to or problems with a hotel booking.
• to help us administer accounts, services and products which we offer
• Newsletter
• Proactively make suggestions from 1BOOK only.

How does the Operator of the Site receive the information?

Optional Registration. We gather your Personal Information by requesting it specifically to You. This usually happens at the moment when you register on the website or when you request information or a service. Usually, the Operator of the Site uses your information to inform you about other products or services available.

How We Use Tracking

The use of the Internet Protocol Address (“IP”). An IP address is a unique number that is automatically assigned to your computer every time You are browsing the internet, so that your computer may be identified by the main computers known as Web Servers, that are used as web pages or web sites. The Operator of the Site and/or its members gather IP addresses with the purpose of administering the system, in order to provide additional information to its advertisers as well as to audit the use of our internet site.

The Use of Cookies

What are cookies? Cookies are small parts of information that an internet site sends to the User´s computer with a registration purpose. Such information is kept in a file in your computer. The cookies make your internet browsing easier for You by saving your preferences so that the Operator of the Site can use the information that was saved in order to make your search of this internet site easier for you, every time you decide to come back. The cookies do not reveal your identity, unless You decide it this way. The Operator of the Site will never save your passwords or credit card information on cookies. The use of cookies is a standard industry, and as such, You will find that most of the internet sites use them.

They will be saved on the hard disk of the computer and will be used to determine the preferences of the Users that access the electronic portal or internet site, as well as to track certain behaviors or activities. By showing how and when the Users use this internet site, the cookies make it easier to know which areas are the most popular of the site and which are not. Many of the improvements and updates of the site are based on such information like the total number of visitors and pages visited. This information is much easier to track through the use of cookies. The Operator of the Site will use the cookies´ information to provide an adequate service to meet the Users´ needs.

Most cookies expire after a certain time, or the Users have the option to erase the cookie file at any time. Most of the internet browsing programs (“Browsers”) are setup to accept cookies. You can reset the Browser in order to not accept cookies or so that you are notified every time a cookie is sent. However, You will notice that some services belonging to the Operator of the Site or its advertisers will not function correctly or will be considerably slow if cookies are not accepted. For example, without cookies, You will not be able to establish personalized preferences, and/or you will have difficulties when trying to complete any type of transaction.

The Operator of the Site gives cookies two main uses: in the first place, they are used to specify the Users´ preferences. For example, the Users can specify key words throughout the different categories or markets and with the use of cookies, the user will not have to repeat its preferences every single time. Also, cookies are used to track User patterns or tendencies regarding their use of the Site. This helps us to have a better understanding of the needs of our Users and improve the service areas that they find valuable. While both activities depend on the use of the cookies, You have the option to disable the cookies from your Browser.

Occasionally, You might obtain cookies from the advertisers. The Operator of the Site has no control over these cookies. The use of cookies from the advertisers, sent through the server of a third party is a standard process in the internet industry.

Who do you share my information with?

The Operator of the Site does not reveal the Personal Information that you provided us through our internet site, except when we have your authorization or under determined circumstances, such as, when it is required by law or by a rebuttable presumption of good faith that indicates that the preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary for: (a) complying with a legal process; (b) enforcing the terms of the use of this internet site; (c) answering lawsuits when the information is a violation to the rights of a third party; or (d) to protect the legal rights, property or personal security, either Yours, the employed advertisers, or other Users and/or the general public.

Business associates and advertisers

According to the Terms of Use of the Internet Site, the Operator of the Site will be able to reveal some or all the Personal Information to advertisers, however, this use will be specifically described to You prior to gathering your information or before sharing the information with them. Many of the promotions offer opportunities to request additional information from sponsors. By requesting more information You grant us the permission to transfer Personal Information to the advertiser so that they can fill out your application. In many cases, only your e-mail address is shared. In case more information will be shared with the advertisers You will be notified before executing such transfer.


The Operator of the Site may spread and/or reveal or have access to your information when in their opinion exists a reason to believe that by revealing this information we will be able to identify, locate, contact or execute legal action against those people that are or may be violating the terms of use of the internet site, or causing damage to, or interfering with (either intentionally or not intentionally) any of the legal rights or properties belonging to the Operator of the Site or to any third party that uses the portal or any person that may result damaged by such actions. Likewise, the Operator of the Site will carry out this action when required by law or in those cases where for the effects of the administration and its service it is considered necessary. The Operator of the Site will not sell, give away, facilitate nor rent out Personal Information to third parties. If You do not wish to share your data, you may manage without a determined service or refrain to participate in some of the promotions and offers.

Is my information safe when using this internet site?

The security of all the information related to our Users is of great concern to Us, which is why we are constantly seeking to provide a safe transmission of information from your computer to our servers. Unfortunately, none of the information transmitted via the internet may be secured to 100%. As a result, we are not able to assure or guarantee the security of the information you provided to us through the internet and so you are doing it at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we use the industry standards in order to safeguard the confidentiality of such information, such as firewall and secure connections. However, there´s no such thing as “perfect security” on the internet.

Confidentiality (minors)

The safeguard of the information regarding minors is extremely important, so we will request a minimum of information in order to bring you the service that is provided for this sector. We recommend parents and tutors to advise their minors when browsing the internet and to approve any type of personal information before it is sent.


Seeking your protection, we reiterate that the Operator of the Site will not request personal information unless You accept to provide and update it through this mean, according to what is stipulated in these Privacy Policies.

Privacy Policy Modifications

The Operator of the Site reserves the right to modify the present Privacy Policies at any given time and adapt them to new legislative and case-law developments, as well as to new market practices. It is the Users´ responsibility to periodically read the Privacy Policy in order to be aware of such modifications, which will come into effect automatically once they appear on the internet site.

Complete Agreement and Your Acceptance of these Privacy Policies

The conditions of this Privacy Policy, and every obligation stipulated here, represent the total agreement between You and the Operator of the Site regarding the internet site and the use of it. An imprinted version of this Privacy Policy, as well as any notice sent electronically, will be admissible in judicial and/or jurisdictional procedures, subject to the same conditions as other imprinted documents and records. If there were to be an inconsistency between these and any Privacy term(s) and/or policies in a time afterwards, the ones in the last publications shall prevail.

These Privacy Policies regulate the use of the internet site and they apply to all Users. By accessing or using the internet site, You are agreeing and expressing your acceptance of the content and therefore agree to comply with these Policies. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE PRIVACY POLICIES AND WITH THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS REGARDING THE USE OF THE INTERNET SITE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. Your continued use of the internet site following the changes established in the Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions of this site will mean that you accept such changes.



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