Privacy notice

Onebook Member Mex, S.A. de C.V., and the companies comprising the Corporate Group (“1BOOK” or “We”) provide you with the following Privacy Notice in terms of the Federal Personal Information Protection Act (the “Act”).


1. Party responsible for protecting your personal information

Onebook Member Mex, S.A. de C.V. is a company duly incorporated under Mexican law. Its address to hear and receive notifications is Avenida Paseo de las Palmas 239, Piso 6, Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México. It is responsible for handling and protecting the personal information (the “personal information”) you (hereinafter collectively and interchangeably referred to as the “User,” “Your,” or “You”) provide through your interactions with us on the 1BOOK website (the “Website”), as a 1BOOK member and as related to the supply and demand of third party tourism services.


2. Personal information we collect

We will collect the following personal information for the purposes listed in paragraph 3 (three) of this privacy notice:

  1. Full name
  2. Place of residence
  3. Email address
  4. Telephone numbers
  5. Financial information (credit card number, expiration date, security code)*

Therefore, we confirm that we collect two types of personal information through our interactions with you on this Website:

  1. Information you provide when you voluntarily log into our Website, which is necessary to specify our business relationship and provide the services requested and
  2. Information that the Website collects from your follow-up of the queries and/or visits to our Website.

*The financial information will only be used to pay your subscription and your annual and administrative fees (according to the Terms and Conditions of the Website), as well as the services booked through the Website/or any of the User’s payment obligations. Once the payments have been made, 1BOOK will not save the financial information in its database, unless you expressly authorize it to do so.

3. Purpose of processing the personal information collected

Personal information is collected for the following primary and secondary purposes:

a) Primary. Purposes derived from and required to establish the legal relationship between you and 1BOOK:

    To enroll you in the 1BOOK program.

  • To inform you of the features of your membership.
  • To provide you with personalized advice to organize your trip.
  • To facilitate the exchange of the products, services, and/or benefits offered by 1BOOK.
  • To process, monitor, and update the services and benefits.
  • To provide quotes, book reservations, and confirm purchases, cancellations, changes, refunds, and returns.
  • To inform you and follow up on the products, services, and/or benefits you have purchased.

b) Secondary. Different purposes that do not result in the establishment of a legal relationship between you and 1BOOK, but that are extremely useful for ensuring our provision of improved services:

  • To send you evaluation surveys on the services and/or benefits we provide, as well as special deals, offers, and other promotional and/or advertising information sent to your email address.
  • Marketing and advertising about the different destinations, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and recreational activities that might be of interest to you.
  • Commercial prospecting, either individually or in a joint effort with 1BOOK affiliates.
  • Consumption behavior, such as travel-related preferences and requests including favorite destinations and accommodation types, meals, and access facilities for persons with special needs, if any, searches, transactions, and other interactions through our online services and apps.

4. Refusal to consent to processing personal information for secondary purposes

If you do not want your personal information processed for any of the secondary purposes mentioned above, please send your refusal to consent to privacypolicy@1book.com immediately so that we can inform you of the procedure you must follow to exercise your right. Your refusal will not be a reason to deny or affect the services and products that you request or contract with us.

5. Transfer of personal information

To fulfill the primary purposes described in paragraph 3 (three) of this Privacy Notice, personal information may be transferred to the following individuals or legal entities, without this legally requiring your consent in terms of the provisions set forth by Article 37 of the Federal Personal Information Protection Act:

  • Authorities. To comply with the corresponding legal provisions, clarify incidents, or exercise a right.
  • Companies belonging to the 1BOOK holding company, affiliates, or subsidiaries operating under the same internal processes and policies, to provide you with improved services and comply with our internal regulations. These companies will establish administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect personal information from damage, loss, alteration, destruction, or uses other than those described in this Privacy Notice.
  • Companies with which 1BOOK intends to engage in corporate transactions, such as assignments, mergers, consolidations, the transfer or sale of assets, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy. In the event of an acquisition, we will inform the buyer that it must only use your personal information for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice.

We also inform you that the Website connects you to other websites or microsites that directly provide the services we offer and/or with the company that processes the payment of said services (collectively the “Suppliers”); therefore, 1BOOK is not liable for the personal information you provide to said Suppliers, since they use their Privacy Notices and Terms and Conditions.

6. Right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition (“ARCO Rights”)

As the party responsible for processing your personal information, 1BOOK is bound to comply with the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility protected by law. Therefore, in conformity with Articles 13 and 14 of the Act, we agree to handle your information with confidentiality and administrative security rules and use it solely for the indicated purposes.

In terms of the provisions established by Article 22 of the Act, we inform you that you always have the right to request ACCESS to the personal information we have about you and the conditions and how we use it; request the correction through the RECTIFICATION of your personal information if it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete; request the CANCELLATION or erasure of your personal information from our records or databases when you believe that it is not being used according to the principles, duties, and obligations provided in the regulations, and object to our processing of your personal information through OPPOSITION. These rights are known as ARCO Rights.

To exercise your ARCO Rights, you must submit the respective request according to the provisions outlined in paragraph 7 (seven) below.

7. Mechanisms and procedure to revoke your consent

According to the applicable regulations, you can revoke your consent granted for primary and secondary purposes, according to the terms outlined in paragraph 3 (three) above. However, please bear in mind that your request will not apply to all cases or that we might not be able to immediately terminate the use of said information since we could be subject to certain legal obligations that bind us to continue processing your personal information.

To revoke your consent or exercise any of your ARCO Rights, you must send your request via email to privacypolicy@1book.com or by courier to the Onebook Member Mex, S.A. de C.V. at the address provided at the beginning of this Privacy Notice. Please feel free to contact the Information Privacy Department directly by calling +52 (55) 2601 4449 for further information.

Your request to exercise your ARCO Rights, or revoke your consent, must include your full name, email and/or mailing address provided to receive notifications, your telephone number, and a copy of your valid official identification document. 1BOOK will follow up on your request and inform you about the admissibility of your request within 15 (fifteen) business days following receipt of the complete documentation. 1BOOK will have ten (10) business days to grant you access to your information, make the rectification, or take the actions necessary to cancel and end 1BOOK’s use of your personal information.

8. Use of cookies and web beacons

We inform you that we use electronic technologies (cookies, tags, web beacons, and other elements to perform web analysis), which allow us to collect information on your activity electronically and simultaneously while you interact with us through our Website and mobile app.

The information we collect is listed as follows:

  • Information about the type of browser you are using.
  • Information about the hours and time you spent on our Website and/or mobile app.
  • Sections queried through our Website and/or mobile app.
  • Information about the websites you visited before visiting 1book.com.
  • Information on the websites you visited after visiting 1book.com.
  • Your IP address.

We will use the information collected through these technologies to improve your user experience, optimize our Website and mobile apps, and offer you products, destinations, and services based on your preferences.

The information collected will be for the exclusive use of 1BOOK. Hence, this information will not be subject to national or international transfers.

The companies that generate the Cookies have their privacy notices.

9. National and international transfers

Personal information may be shared and/or transferred to different countries, either to business partners, the service and product providers listed on our Website and that are located in different countries across the globe, financial institutions, payment processing companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and branches that belong to the Corporate Group 1BOOK belongs to, for the processing referenced in paragraph 3 (three) of this Privacy Notice.

10. Security measures

We take appropriate and necessary steps and actions to ensure that your personal information is protected according to the terms established in this Privacy Notice. For example, information transfers between group companies are determined by our intra-group agreements governed by strict information transfer rules.

1BOOK has implemented reasonable security, physical, administrative, and technological measures to protect your personal information with strict confidentiality, to prevent and avoid unauthorized use and/or disclosure of your personal information.

It is understood that You have granted your consent to transfer your personal information by accepting this Privacy Notice and providing your information through any means. In like manner, if you provided a third party’s personal information, you affirm under oath that you have been authorized to release the information by the holder of that personal information.

11. Changes to this Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to make changes or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time in response to new legislation, internal policies, or new requirements to offer and provide our products or services. Said changes would be duly reported via email when you use our Website or any other communication media selected by 1BOOK to this end.

Notifications about changes reported through our Website can be found by (i) Going to www.1book.com; (ii) selecting the Privacy Notice link, and (iii) read the latest version containing the date of the most recent update.

12. Unauthorized processing of personal information

If you believe that your right to the protection of personal information has been damaged by our conduct or omissions or presume a violation of the provisions outlined in the Federal Personal Information Protection Act, its regulations, and other applicable rules, you may file your disagreement or complaint with the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI). We suggest that you visit the official INAI website at www.inai.org.mx for further information.

By accessing or using the Website, you accept and express your acceptance of the content of this Privacy Notice. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY NOTICE, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.

Latest update: 11/30/2020