How many people is the membership for?

The membership is personal and non-transferable. The membership holder can travel with more people or reserve up to five rooms in a single trip, but it will be an essential requirement that the holder is the one who shows up at the hotel at the check-in and will be asked for an official identification.

Why aren't the hotels listed with their prices?

In order to see the hotels and discounted prices, you must be a registered member of 1Book. Once you have registered, you can check destinations, hotels and discounted prices and even compare with other travel options.

Can you see all the destinations and hotels?

1Book helps you find accommodation with the best discounts in all destinations in the world including all brands, hotel chains and independent hotels regardless of category.

How long does the membership last?

The membership lasts for 12 months from the moment you purchased it. You can continue making reservations even when the membership has expired, but you will be asked to renew the membership before proceeding to the checkout.

Are there any requirements to be a 1Book member?

The requirements are:
  1. Be of legal age in your country of residence.
  2. Have a personal credit or debit card for your reservation and membership payments.
  3. Provide a valid email.
  4. Be up to date with the payment of your membership (except in the promotional period).

Is it possible to get an invoice of my membership or transactions made in 1Book?

Yes, in any transaction and payment made within the platform, you can request an invoice that will be sent immediately.

What are the cancellation or change policies for a reservation?

Since 1Book is only the provider of the reservation service and not the lodging, all reservations will be subject to the specific policies of the hotel booked. These policies and conditions will be specified on the confirmation ballot.

Does the price shown already include taxes?

Correct, all our prices include lodging taxes, however rates such as resort fee, housekeeping fee and local taxes are not included in the price. This is managed in the same way as in any OTA (Online Travel Agency).

How old do I have to be to book a vacation?

In most cases, hotels require that at least the titular guest be of legal age.

Do you offer ALL INCLUSIVE resorts?

Within the 1Book offer there is All Inclusive accommodation as well as other food options.

How do I receive the confirmation of my reservation?

Your reservation will be sent to your email address that you provided at the time of your registration in 1Book, and you will also be able to check  all your reservations in My Profile section.

What happens if I search for a hotel and the platform doesn't show it?

If the required hotel does not appear in your search, it may not be available on the dates you entered, or it could be that we do not have an agreement with that hotel currently. We suggest you check periodically in order to verify availability or search for a similar hotel among the thousands of discount options that we have for you. At 1BOOK, we do not stop creating deals with new hotels to provide you with a unique experience.

What happens if I don't receive my booking confirmation?

If you have not received the confirmation after 24 hours, contact 1BOOK’s Call Center at 55 2601 4449 for Mexico, or 1 888 282 4696 for the USA and CAN.

I forgot the password to log in, how can I recover it?

If you can’t remember your password, select "Forgot your password?" in the registration module and follow the instructions to change it.

What documents must I present once I arrive at the hotel?

When you check in at the booked hotel, you will be asked for the reservation code that is on your booking confirmation and an official identification. In some hotels, you might also have to present the credit card that was used to complete your booking.

Can a booking be paid using a credit card from a third-party that is not traveling with me?

Yes. However, the membership holder must always check-in at the hotel or any other service reserved at 1BOOK.

In case of cancellation, how can I get my refund?

Review the cancellation Terms and Conditions and contact 1BOOK’s Call Center at 55 2601 4449 for Mexico or 1 888 282 4696 for the USA and CAN.

How many people can use the membership?

The use of the membership is exclusive, which implies that although several people can enjoy the benefits of it, the membership holder must be included in the reservation. Likewise, when reserving several rooms, the booking holders of each room must be present at check-in.

How many people can stay in the same room?

Although it depends on the hotel, the usual maximum capacity is four people who can be registered as follows: four adults, or three adults and a child, or two adults and two children.

When completing my reservation, should I enter all passenger names?

Yes, including minors.

Is it necessary to present a credit card when I check-in at the hotel?

Depending on the hotel policies, you may be asked for a credit card as a guarantee in case of damages to the room.

Does 1BOOK already consider taxes on reservations?

Yes, 1BOOK reservations already include all lodging taxes, however, state taxes, sanitation, and resort fees must be paid separately at the hotel.

Why did I see the same hotel but cheaper on another site?

It is very important to validate that the conditions are the same, room type, number of guests, and whether a meal plan applies or not.

In case of having the same conditions, take for granted that we are working every day to get the best prices for you.